Workshop Recap: Back to Back Crafting with Sarah Harste!

Workshop Recap: Back to Back Crafting with Sarah Harste!

It was a day of catching weaver fever with Sarah Harste!

Saturday was a BUSY day at Oh Pink! Party Shop. I had the special privilege of hosting TWO workshops back to back with the always delightful Columbus-based fiber artist Sarah Harste, who just completed her 100 Days of Macraweaves which is a pretty amazing feat that yielded some colorful and gorgeous results. Oh Pink! obviously loves all things colorful so it was the perfect match up!

First up with Intro to Macrame, where the students learned some of foundations of macrame weaving to make their own woven wall hanging. There was a great mix of students who had done macrame before and some brand new beginners

macrame workshop 13.jpg

It’s amazing how learning just a few different knots and strategies can yield such unique results!

macrame workshop 1.jpg
macrame workshop 3.jpg
macrame workshop 7.jpg
macrame workshop 10.jpg
macrame workshop 12.jpg
macrame workshop 11.jpg

Next came Intro to Weaving! I have a soft spot in my heart for weaving, it’s something I started doing a couple of years ago but then kind of stopped, I don’t know why! I know I had the best time watching them making some pretty colorful creations. It really got my weaver fever back and I really want to make something now! The Intro to Weaving workshop felt a lot more relaxed and we were just chatting and having a great time!

weaving workshop 3.jpg
weaving workshop 2.jpg
weaving workshop 6.jpg
weaving workshop 4.jpg
weaving workshop 7.jpg
weaving workshop 8.jpg

The day was long, but SO fun and everyone got to leave with some beautiful pieces of handmade art! What I love about workshops like these is that you don’t need to have any experience beforehand, Sarah’s guidance and instruction was enough to have you leave with the confidence to keep going!

You can check out upcoming workshops here!

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